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The recommendations of dentists who have been through our course is our highest praise . . . they have given us permission to share their words with you.
"This is the absolute number one course to choose if a dentists wants to learn sleep dentistry"
Josephine Yang, DDS
Deepen knowledge and develop mastery 
through this unique series of courses in dental sleep medicine
DentalSleepology div. of Sleep Solutions in Dentistry - Dr. Jonathan A. Parker | 7225 Ohms Lane, Suite 180 | Edina, MN 55439 | 952-345-0290
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"I can't imagine learning Dental Sleep Medicine any other way. The "Layered Learning" approach that Dr. Parker uses is the perfect way to provide an environment where doctors can come together, learn, ask questions and build relationships in their Dental Sleep Medicine journey. I feel blessed to have been a part of this!"
Stacy Becker Walker, DDS
"Dr. Parker's Approach to teaching is equal to what it is for his patient treatment - he cares.  He has impacted my enthusiasm to treat my patients beyond belief."
Dr. James Kramer
"I have developed a lot of respect for sleep dentistry and the kind of service you can provide for a patient who is really suffering. Dr. Parker is incredible in communicating with his patients and it was an honor to learn this subject from him. I am looking forward to be back for Masters Course with my staff."
Dr. Anahita Abdehou
"Great seminar! So informative & well presented. Very organized!!!"
Mary Berk, DDS
"This 3-day course is probably the best continuing ed seminar I have taken in 26 years of dentistry..."
Debra K Daren, DDS
"Finally, someone that teaches the way I learn and is organized too. Very thorough. Thanks."
Dr. Stephen Yarbrough
"When the people I respect and have learned from all tell me 'You gotta go to Parker's class,' that is meaningful. I came with high expectations . . . I wasn't disappointed." 
Michael Marcus, DDS
"I had some knowledge about sleep dentistry prior to the course "Sleep Solutions in Dentistry." After taking Dr. Parkers' course, I feel confident I will be able to incorporate sleep dentistry into my practice and deliver high quality and effective care to patients. The materials given and presented were excellent and Dr. Parker and his staff are outstanding." 
James Albrecht
​"This is the 4th course in Dental Sleep Medicine I have taken and it is by far the best." 
Kevin McGraw DDS
"Following my participation in this course, I can confidently begin to incorporate sleep dentistry into my practice." 
Brian Hicks, DDS
"This course is one that greatly exceeded my expectations."  
Peter LaBudde, DDS

"Hands down the most comprehensive, organized & practical course I have ever taken!"
William D. Schultz, DDS