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  • An animated video written and narrated by Jonathan Parker, DDS
  •  Provides a concise overview of sleep, including the importance of sleep, the challenges to sleep and the potential effects of insufficient or inadequate sleep. 

Here's what industry leaders have to say...

“Arguably the premier educator in dental sleep medicine today, Jon Parker’s educational courses are widely known to be imaginative, meaningful and effective. He has now applied his unique talent to a new educational DVD, “An Overview of Sleep Medicine”, which offers the viewer a playful yet academic insight into sleep.
This new, high-quality video hits the bull’s-eye straight on taking the dental sleep medicine clinician on a meaningful romp through the heretofore mundane subject of sleep and sleep disorders culled into a 20 minute presentation using mind-grabbing visuals to titillate our senses in a rare educational experience. Jon is that rare storyteller who can present critical sleep concepts in a way that is truly enjoyable and easy to grasp."
Robert R. Rogers, DMD, DABDSM
President and Director Pittsburgh Dental Sleep Medicine Network
Founding President, American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine

Pay only $329 for An Overview of Sleep Medicine
AND . . .
At no additional charge 
we'll send along the Overview of Sleep Medicine - Supplemental Disc, 
customized for presentations in a 3-segment format covering:
1. The Rhythm of Normal Sleep
2. A Review of Sleep Disorders
3. The Health Consequences of Sleep Apnea

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